Easy to use, feature-rich cloud-based software for property managers


 Owners and Properties

Comprehensively caters for one owner with multiple properties or one property owned by multiple owners.

 Water Usage and Other Supplier Invoices

Tenant water and supply charge are calculated automatically – no manual calculation required

Invoices are automatically attached to owner statements

Auto built in barcode reader to scan barcoded invoices


 Simple to follow End of Month Process

Follow each step and it is done!

 Fully integrated with Inspection Express*

Data and reports are automatically synced between the two systems.

Initial, periodic and final inspections.

All Inspection Reports can be accessible from Landlord and Tenant portals.


 Tenants Portal

Current tenant can register and view their tenancy status including Paid to Date, Next Inspection Due Date, Lease Expiry Date plus more.

 Landlords Portal

  • Owners can access this portal via your website.
  • Owners can view past owner statements, supplier invoices and periodic inspection reports.
  • Owners can allow third parties such as their spouse or accountant to register with their unique username and password and access information on all or selected managed properties.
  • You can select any document that can be accessible by your Owner.


  • Customised KPI dashboard for the administrator.
  • Provide us with the Performance Measures, which are essential to you, and we will customise a dashboard for periodic performance review purposes.
  • Performance bonus can be credited to each property manager and integrated with our Wages and Commission Payment module.

RAgent2 Property Management on the go!

Access Information on the go

Access your live database with up-to-date property, tenant and landlord information at your fingertips. View lease start date, rent amount, paid to date, days in arrears, rent in arrears, overdue invoices, key number, access details and much more.

Secure Seamless integration

No double entry or additional Apps, RAgent2 is fully integrated with Property Manager. Your data is securely stored in the cloud with the same level of security access as you enjoy in REM.

Manage Property maintenance

Log and view maintenance requests, history and stage of work performed.

Communication Tracking

Send SMS, phone or Email to landlords, tenants or suppliers. All communication is automatically recorded in your communication log.

RAgent2 on the go!

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Landlords & Tenants Portals

Enable your Owners,Tenants and approved third parties to access key information on their properties direct from your website with a secure login.

Enables landlords to view:

  • The current financial status of all their properties
  • All historical statements and copies of attached bills
  • Funds held, work orders, total credits, etc.
  • Photos and details for the property, tenancy and inspection reports
  • Past owners can view past owner statements
  • Financial activity graph and more.

Enables tenants to view:

  • Property & Lease details
  • Rental Status, Paid to Date, Current Rent
  • Invoice & Payment history
  • Property Manager
  • Next Inspection Dates and more.
Landlords and Tenants portal
Easy to understand dashboards

KPI Dashboard

View all key information at a glance on a single screen.

Features include:

  • Customisable KPI dashboard
  • Click and drill down to see all details and information
  • Create a performance bonus credited to each property manager and integrated with our Wages and Commission Payment module.
Go paperless and store bills online

Bill & Barcode Scanning

Digitalize your records, reserve funds for bill payments and send out owner statements each month with invoices automatically attached.

Simply save a scanned copy of invoices (including those without barcodes) into a folder on your desktop or server and initialise the scanned supplier invoice procedure. The procedure will automatically allocate the bill against the appropriate supplier and property for the invoices that have barcodes and allows manual entry for all other invoices. It’s that easy. 

Automated workflows will reserve the funds from the date of entry or allow you to reserve the funds from the beginning of the month the invoice is due. Paid invoices are automatically attached to the owner statements each month.
Multiarray products

Features and Benefits

Live portfolio statistics

Fully synchronised with leading providers for Inspections & Maintenance Products.

Property Managers access data on any smartphone

Access your entire portfolio with critical information, from contact details to lease details and financial data.

Third party integrations

As managers or principals, get an accurate snapshot of your entire business with live data, from number of properties in arrears, vacancy rate, management fees and more.

Windows based software

Windows based therefore robust and secure, it is suitable for offices looking for simple but powerful solution capable of managing small or large rent rolls.

Full integration with in-house products

Fully integrated with MultiArray's Wages and Commission module Contacts are shared with MultiArray's Sales and CRM module.

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