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Manage Your Entire Complex Real Estate Business with a Single Piece of Software

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Australian Owned and Operated Since 1987

Property Management Made Simple

Spreadsheets Do Not Provide Data Security but a Dedicated Software Solution Does

Compliant with Commission Only Sales Staff Award

Real Estate Focused Wages and Commission Module Compliant with Australian Laws

Keep Track of Every Aspect of Your Business

Customised KPI and Statistical Dashboard for Sales or Property Management Department

Designed for Companies that are Small, Large, Multiple Offices or Franchise Groups

Maximise Efficiency with Minimum Costs

Real Estate Manager - Property Management


Owner, Property and Tenant Database

  • Comprehensively caters for Landlords with one or multiple properties.  Owner statements can be grouped according to owner's requirements
  • Central contact database for Sales and Property Management departments increasing potential cross sales and services

Supplier Invoices

  • Tenant water and supply charge are calculated automatically – no manual calculation required
  • Invoices are automatically attached to owner statements, no sorting is required

Simple to follow End of Month Process

  • Automated with Wizards
  • Simple to follow steps guided by the Wizard

Fully integrated with Inspection Express*

  • Initial, periodic and final inspections
  • Data and reports are synced between the two systems


  • Owners can access this portal via your website
  • Owners can view past owner statements, supplier invoices and periodic inspection reports
  • Owners can allow third parties such as their spouse or accountant to register with their own user name and password and access information on all or selected managed properties.


  • Current tenant can register and view their tenancy status including Paid to Date, Next Inspection Due Date, Lease Expiry Date plus more.


  • Customised KPI dashboard for administrator.
  • Provide us with the Performance Measures, that are important to you, and we will customise a dashboard for periodic performance review purposes.
  • Performance bonus can be credited to each property manager and integrated with our Wages and Commission Payment module.

  Property Managers are at the coal face to protect your asset - 'Your Rent Roll'.  Ability to conduct hassel free KPI review for your valuable staff is crucial. 

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Real Estate Manager - Sales Administration


Manage the entire end to end sales process

  • Suitable for Residential, Commercial Sales and Leasing
  • Designed for companies with single or multiple offices
  • From Appraisal to Settlement including Wages and Commission payment to all staff.
  • Cater for companies specialising in Project Marketing 

Advertising Accounting

  • Track vendor, company and sales staff advertising expenses
  • Create tax invoice to vendor
  • Upfront vendor payments integrated with trust account
  • Outstanding advertising balance is included in final Account Sale to solicitor or vendor
  • Select one of the options that will automatically integrate advertising overspend with sales staff commission or advertising account.

Trust Accounting

  • Simple but comprehensive
  • Easy bank reconciliation process
  • User can reprint any historical bank reconciliation and trial balance reports anytime
  • Compliant with trust legislations in every state

Sales Staff Commission

  • A comprehensive range of commission structures available to suit individual sales staff
  • The system calculates sales staff commission accurately for each contract
  • Calculates with ease the new REI Awards for commission only sales staff

Payroll System for the Real Estate Industry - no more spreadsheets!

  • Pay Sales and Administration staff
  • Commission Tax is automatically calculated based on ATO standard
  • Commission balance is automatically updated from settled contracts and payments
  • Specifically designed for retainer or Commission Only based sales staff
  • Holiday and Personal leave calculation
  • Single Touch Payroll (available soon), PAYG summary and Payslip
  • Comprehensive commission statement for all sales staff

KPI Dashboard reports

  • Companies can select any sales related KPI statistics for customised dashboard

  A single data input, fully integrated software solution has the ability to provide your company an accurate web based dashboard reporting system. 

https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-2/accounting1-1920-1280.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-2/accounting2-1920-1280.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-2/accounting3-1920-1280.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-2/accounting4-1920-1280.jpg

Real Estate Manager - Web Site Hosting & Portal Pushing


Templated Web Sites

  • We offer a wide range of economical predesigned modern websites for Residential, Commercial Sales and Leasing. 
  • Listing, Open for Inspection and Staff details are extracted directly from Real Estate Manager database. 

Customised Websites

  • We can provide a customised web site or build a web site designed by your preferred third party company

Portal Pushing.

  • Ability to push web related data to over 30 different popular web portals.

Content Management

  • When a listing is recorded as sold, settled or withdrawn in the Sales module, the web site will automatically be updated.
  • All our clients will be given user ID and Password and trained to manage and maintain other static pages such as News, About Us etc.

Agent personal web site 

  • To enhance Sales Staff personal profile, we offer a range of templated Agent Personal Web Sites that are linked to the Agent's company

  Your company website is the perfect media to tell the world who you are, what you do and what you stand for. 

Real Estate Manager - Mobile CRM 


Update web site data from your mobile phone or any mobile device

  • Easily update Price, add/edit Open Inspection Date/Time
  • Add or remove images

Open Home Visitors

  • Avoid duplication with contact search of the entire company database
  • Add, View and Edit Open Home Buyer details
  • Auto 'Thank You' SMS to Open Home attendees

Potential Buyers and Sellers

  • Add, View and Edit Buyers Details
  • Add, View and Edit Appraisals
  • Contact and property database is shared with Property Management Department


  • Add, View and Edit contacts and their associations.
  • SMS, phone or email contacts directly from your mobile device.

Task Management

  • Add and Complete tasks linked to any contact.

Property Managers can access live data anywhere

  • View tenant paid to date, lease expiry dates etc
  • Tenant, owner and service provider contact details

  Like all businesses, Sales and Property Management are built on Client Relationships.  A single contact and property database for both departments is becoming crucial for the progressive Real Estate companies. 

https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-4/CRM1-1920-1281.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-4/CRM2-1920-1281.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-4/CRM3-1920-1290.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-4/CRM4-1920-1280.jpg

Our Vision

To maximize efficiency and minimize costs, there is a distinct need for a single data input solution to cover all aspects of mission critical functions in the Real Estate Industry.

Applying Real Estate business knowledge accumulated over more than 30 years, based on the latest technologies, MultiArray is determined to deliver a comprehensive range of fully integrated solutions that will benefit all Real Estate Companies.

We recognise the importance of Customer Service and this is why we have maintained a large number of clients who have been with us for more than 20 years.

MultiArray have an extremely dedicated team of professionals who are committed to provide the best possible customer service to all our clients.​

  Relying on a complex web of Spreadsheets to manage your business is inefficient, unreliable, difficult to maintain and error prone. 

https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-5/accounting4-1920-1280.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-5/spreadsheet1-1920-1297.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-5/spreadsheet2-1920-1648.jpg; https://www.multiarray.com/getattachment/Home/Section-Breaker-5/spreadsheet3-1920-1280.jpg
George Sih

About Us

MultiArray was founded by George Sih in 1987 and provides a complete range of software solutions to the Real Estate Industry.

Through our team's dedication and the support of our clients, MultiArray has been able to continue to develop new products to keep pace with the enormous technological change and user expectations over the years.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

Please respect our clients' privacy and confidentiality and do not make direct contact with any one of references below.  Thank you.
  We use MultiArray Sales Office Administration system to manage Advertising, Contracts, Deposit trust accounts, Commission and Wages for all our offices in Australia. Sales staff are paid on a complex incentive based commission structure but the system is accurate and reliable. The amount of man hours it saves us is immeasurable.  The Agency - Head Office (NSW)
Una Smyth (Financial Controller)
  Although we have been loyal Multiarray clients with REM for our Sales department for over 10 years, we have recently made the transition to bring our Rental Portfolio across to the Property Management component of REM. It is always going to be daunting and stressful when dealing with a large portfolio of properties, however, the transition went smoothly, and we are now enjoying the multitude of benefits of the PM Program. The Support staff and Training staff went above and beyond to assist in every way possible. Their patience with us was greatly appreciated.  Professionals Ryder - Melton (Vic)
Jason Ryder (Director)
  We have been using MultiArray's Sales Module to manage office administration accounting for all our offices for many years. All calculations are automatic, reliable and accurate. It ticks all the boxes for us. The system is so comprehensive that it eliminates the needs of spreadsheets and any manual calculations.  Cobden and Hayson (NSW)
Danny Cobdan (Director)
  Our head office have been using MultiArray's Sales system to manage our administration functions for all our offices for a number of years. It calculates commission due, taxation, super and commission balances accurately. Once an employee is set up, it is extremely simple to use.  Harris Real Estate (SA)
Sam Wigg (Chief Operating Officer)
  We specialise in Commercial Sale and Leasing, for a number of years, we have been using Real Estate Manager to manage for our advertising, contract, commission, website hosting and web portal pushing. We also use its Property and Contact database for marketing purposes.  John Hill Commercial (NSW)
Nicola Hill (Marketing)
  MultiArray has been our software provider to manage our back office administration for nearly 20 years. Their system allows us to manage all our offices from a single point. Their customised web based dashboard reporting system provides us all the statistics and information we need to manage our business instantly.  Peard Real Estate (WA)
Peter Peard (CEO)
  We have been using MultiArray Sales, web hosting and Property Management systems (DOS, Windows and Web Based) for nearly 30 years and could not be happier. The constant available support is invaluable and the system itself is fast and efficient. It is user friendly and reports have never been easier to retrieve which helps to keep our business running smoothly. We are now using the new property inspection system ‘Inspection Express’ endorsed by MultiArray and we are very happy. Using MultiArray systems has improved our business in many ways and we are more efficient than we have ever been. I would gladly recommend their systems to anyone.  First National Burton Groves (SA)
Megan Doran (Accounts and Administration Manager)
  MultiArray allows our business to manage sales and property management data plus the management of salary and commission payments through one program. MultiArray also manage our website and are always willing to help with any changes or updates we require. They have made accessing contact details on the go and editing listing information easy with 'Roaming Agent' the mobile CRM solution.  Ring Partners (SA)
Kahlene Michalanney (Office Manager)
  MultiArray systems have helped me grow and expand my business. I can manage my sales and property management using one system saving data entry and giving me the flexibility to access my data wherever I am.  Walker Real Estate International (Vic)
Gerard Walker (Managing Director)
  We have been long-term clients of MultiArray using their cloud-based property management platform. The system is extremely streamlined with everything being accessible by the push of a button. MultiArray is innovative and continues to develop and implement new and exciting systems and the staff are an absolute delight to deal with and are always prompt in addressing any issues. We are very happy and confident to recommend MultiArray to anyone looking at streamlining their business.  Residential Letting (SA)
Debbie Drewer (Managing Director)
  The support team at MultiArray are always friendly, informative & extremely helpful with all my Property Management support calls that I log.  McGrath Ballina (NSW)
Lexie Hooker (Trust Administrator)
  Our company have been using Multi-Array since 2011 and are proud users of the all-in-one property management software and trust accounting system which we believe has improved our rent roll portfolio administration, performance and profitability  Complete Real Estate (NT)
Dianne South (Office Manager)
  Our Company is a long term client of Multiarray and we are more than happy with the program. We use both the sales and property management platforms. The support staff are very knowledgeable and always prompt and reliable with their service. The system is evolving with the changing market and we are always seeing new and innovative programming that gives us a complete and up to date package to operate with. The functionality of the system assists us in streamlining our procedures which takes away the day to day pressures of offering a high level of services to our vendors, purchasers, landlords and tenants. We would not hesitate to recommend Multiarray to anyone looking for a multifaceted program to use in their business.  Yorke Peninsula Real Estate (SA)
Claire Dalton (Office & Property Management Administrator)
  We are a long-term client of MultiArray that use the sales and property management and web site hosting. We also use its wages and commission module for staff. We find the MultiArray staff quick and polite in all dealings and only too happy to troubleshoot and explain any issues fully. We love the way the MultiArray system allows us to streamline our office procedures and cut down on multiple data entry points - and enjoy being part of the evolution of the program.  Homeseeka Real Estate (VIC)
Jacinta Douglas (Client Relationships)
  As part of our rebranding, Infinity Property Agents appointed Multiarray to develop our corporate website. What the entire team delivered far exceeded our expectations. The level of service and support that they offer and the time it took them to build the site was exceptional. They made the entire process very easy and without complaint. Our website CMS allows us to seamlessly upload our property listings to multiple portals and our customers can now digitally sign tenant applications making it easier for us to access applicants. We would be happy to stand behind this testimonial should you require a similar service.  Infinity Property Agents (NSW)
Bernie Tynes (Marketing/General Manager)

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