Real Estate Software To Run Your Entire Agency

Run your entire agency or multi-office network with the only hybrid cloud & desktop based real estate software system.

Real Estate Manager is able to run your agency's entire business operations; property management, sales, marketing, administration, trust accounting, website & portal uploads. 

All-In-One Hybrid Cloud & Desktop Based Real Estate Software System

Run, grow and scale your business with the only hybrid cloud and desktop based real estate agency management system. Integrate every aspect of your agency's business operations; sales, property management, administration, marketing and website.  

Discover why Real Estate Manager is the preferred software solution for thousands real estate agents and property professionals working in start-up, solo and multi-office agencies throughout Australia.

Real Estate Sales CRM and Marketing Software

Real Estate Sales, CRM & Marketing Software 

Real estate sales, CRM & marketing software helping property professionals focus on prospecting, listing, selling and property marketing activity. 

  • Integrated Sales CRM, Contact & Property Database
    Manage prospecting activity, property listings, selling, communication, buyers, vendor relationships and reporting more effectively using a powerful integrated Sales CRM, marketing, contact & property database.
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use Sales Software
    Try one of the most intuitive and easy to use Sales CRM systems on the market; with no steep learning curve required to get your sales department up and running.
  • Calendar, Activity & Task Management
    Develop deeper relationships with prospects, buyers and vendors with automated activity plans, workflows and triggers to follow up on calls, appraisals,OFIs, appointments, milestones or planned sales campaign activity.
  • Integrated Campaign Management & Web Marketing
    Engage and communicate with potential vendors, buyers and investors more effectively using the integrated marketing suite; email marketing, templates, property listing management, SMS, print brochures, and buyer matching functionality.
  • End-to-End Sales Management
    Manage the sales process and ongoing buyer/vendor communication from listing through to contract and settlement.Monitor and track advertising, deposit payments, inspections, disbursements and commissions.
  • Sales Performance Analysis
    Measure, review your prospecting activity, appraisals, listings and ongoing sales performance against monthly, quarterly or annual sales targets using the powerful reporting module.
  • Anywhere, Anytime System Access
    As a ‘Smart Client’ cloud and internet based windows based solution, sales professionals can access the Sales CRM system and feature rich marketing software functionality from any location; in the office, conducting appraisals, inspections or working remotely.

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Property Management Software System

Property Management & Trust Accounting Software 

Easy to use property management and trust accounting software simplifying property, landlord & tenant management; trust account reconciliation, daily transaction management and end-of-month/year reporting.

  • Integrated Tenant, Landlord CRM & Property Database
    Manage properties, tenants, landlords, management agreements, inspections, marketing and communication history more successfully with an intuitive dashboard, integrated with a single entry CRM, contact and property database.
  • Trust Account, Banking & Invoicing Management
    Eliminate double entry, accounting errors when undertaking banking payments, rental receipts, bonds, deposits, invoices and trust account reconciliation.
  • Rent Roll Portfolio Management,Reporting & Analysis
    Generate reports on properties under management, property department performance and benchmark individual property managers comparing metrics such as appraisals, wins and losses.
  • End-of-Month/Year Statements & Reporting
    It doesn’t matter how many properties you manage; producing, processing and issuing end-of-month statements for owners has never been easier with system wizards and simplified a ‘tick & click’ process.
  • Critical Dates & Task Management
    An intelligent task tracking engine notifies property managers of key milestones and events such as overdue rent, scheduled property inspections, rent reviews and lease renewals.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
    As a ‘Smart Client’ windows based solution, property managers can access the system and use the rich property management software functionality from any location with internet access. 
  • Scalability
    The property management software system is designed to scale as your business does. We have you covered whether you are a solo agency or have multiple office locations; manage a 1000 properties or 50!

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Agency Administration Software

Agency Administration & Management Software

Our administration & office management software provides principals and administrators with complete visibility and reporting into an agency’s day-to-day business operations, sales or leasing performance, ongoing financial health, cash-flow and profitability.

  • Single, All-in-One Real Estate Agency Database System
    Developed using a shared contact and property database, managing your real estate office administration, agency website, sales and property management departments has never been simpler.  It is designed to scale as your business grows; from solo to multi-office or franchise network.
  • Day-to-Day Financial Management
    Monitor and manage the day-to-day financial operations of your agency (or multi-office network) including property settlements, rental bond payments, wages, commissions, invoicing, banking reconciliation, advertising, ledgers, trust accounting, and trust compliance.
  • Agency, Department & Staff Performance Reporting
    Comprehensive reporting, accounting, compliance and management tools to monitor and analyse the business health of your agency (or multi-office network) including performance of individual offices, departments and sales or property management staff.
  • End-to-End Sales Contract Management
    Manage and coordinate property sales from listing, contract exchange through to final contract settlement. Real Estate Manager automatically calculates commission due (including split commissions or conjunction agreements), outstanding vendor advertising, and advertising expenses for sales staff.
  • Anywhere, Anytime System Access
    Real Estate Manager is a ‘Smart Client’ windows based solution, providing users with feature rich software functionality and system access; regardless of location or device.
  • Wages, Commissions & Industry Awards Module
    Calculate and process individual wages, commission, vehicle allowance, phone allowance, holiday, sick leave and staff entitlements with real estate industry specific wages and commission module.
  • Data Security
    Ensuring your data is secure is our highest priority. Data can be stored in both the office and in the cloud, providing you with ongoing access and ownership even if you sell your business or individual rent roll.

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