The all-in-one property management software and trust accounting system to improve rent roll portfolio administration, performance and profitability. 

Discover how Real Estate Manager can deliver stress free property management administration, trust accounting, client communication and marketing management for start-up and multi-office real estate agencies. 

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Property Management Software & Trust Accounting System

Real Estate Manager is a cloud + desktop property management software and trust accounting system developed for the unique requirements of  today's modern property manager. Improve your rent roll performance, productivity, and profitability with the most comprehensive property management administration, trust accounting, client communication and integrated marketing software system in Australia.

Whether you're a property manager in a start-up agency, solo or multi-office network; when the time comes to implement or migrate to a new property management software solution or trust accounting system you need to be confident it is not only able to support your current department needs, but is able to scale for any future business requirements. 

 What is your preferred approach to rent roll portfolio management? Task, pod, portfolio or shandy?

There is an ongoing debate within the property management industry about what is the most effective approach to manage day-to-day rent roll administration activities and deliver superior customer service to landlords and tenants.
Whatever the size of your PM department or administrative approach your agency prefers, Real Estate Manager is designed with the flexibility to operate the way you want to work, supporting your unique PM department requirements, processes and procedures.

Are you looking for a software system that can scale as your business grows?

Whether you are a boutique office growing your rent roll organically or a multi-office network looking for strategic acquisitions, you need to be confident the software solution you choose is able to scale and cater for your future agency needs.     
Whatever business growth strategy your agency adopts, you can be confident that Real Estate Manager is designed to scale with your future business needs and is the only system available that simplifies multi-office or department management.    

 Do you want to manage, monitor and market your PM department more effectively?

As property management department's continue to have greater influence on an agency's overall operating cash-flow and profitability; increasing demands are placed on property managers to not only manage existing portfolio's more but proactively market leasing expertise to potential landlords and investors.

Using Real Estate Manager, property professionals finally have access to a robust property administration, trust accounting and integrated marketing platform that can deliver superior management of day-to-day operations, client relationships, listing and expertise promotion, staff and suppliers, banking and statutory compliance. 

Discover why Real Estate Manager is the preferred solution for hundreds of PM companies throughout Australia.

Selected Software Highlights for Property Managers

Online Data Storage

Store all correspondence and documents against the property or tenant, giving you access to your documents anywhere in the world.

Trust Accounting

Easily manage rental receipts, bond and rental deposits with the flexibility of automatic bank downloads, do this while also running one or more trust accounts within one system.

Direct Debit

Never worry about arrears again by setting your tenants up on Direct Debit – simply set and forget.

Landlords will love the fact that they can view their inspection reports, owner statements and invoices 24/7.

Barcode Scanning

Streamline and save time processing supplier invoices using a barcode scanner.

Scanned Supplier Invoices

Scan then process supplier invoices in just a few clicks! Attach multiple documents to invoices as required.

Critical Dates

Manage your daily workflow utilising the systems pre-set reminders based on certain events happening or not happening.

Water Invoicing

Improve your productivity by creating your tenant invoices at the same time as paying the supplier.

Website Management & Portal Pushing

Control what gets fed to your website and all major internet portals directly from your system avoiding the need to double handle ads across multiple programs.

Wages & Commissions

Process wages and commission payments for all staff without the need of a separate payroll accounting system. Accurately calculate payroll tax on commission as advised by the ATO.

Web based system

As your data is stored on the internet you can access your data wherever you are in the world.

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Sales & CRM Management

Generate more enquiries, listings, sales and commissions.

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Property Management

Manage your rent roll, landlords and tenants more effectively

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Website/s & Portals

Attract, engage and connect with customers on any device

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