Real Estate Manager runs every aspect of your real estate agency business; seamlessly integrating your real estate office, sales and property management departments and agency website.

Discover why Real Estate Manager is the preferred solution for hundreds of property professionals and departments throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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A Single Real Estate Software Platform & Agency Management System

Are you looking to start your own real estate business?

Have you outgrown your existing real estate software platform?

Are you looking for an integrated office system able to grow and adapt with your future agency needs?

Do you want to work with a single real estate software vendor who can unite all your agency systems and departments?

It is the responsibility of the principal and senior agency managers to carefully map out both the overall agency business requirements and the specific software functionality required by the sales, administration and property management departments.

Real Estate Manager is able to run every area of your business and is designed specifically for the demands of the real estate industry and the specific requirements of property professionals such as principals, sales people, property managers and office administrators.

Developed using a single entry database system and modular framework to integrate your sales, property management, administration departments and agency website reduces system errors, improves productivity and increases ongoing profitability.    

We believe Real Estate Manager is the only solution your start-up agency, solo or multi-office network will ever need for;

  • Seamless integration of your agency website, social media channels, automated marketing campaigns and the real estate manager software platform
  • Powerful lead generation and automated marketing campaigns across departments using a single contact and property database
  • Centralised marketing database for online and traditional print campaigns 
  • Benchmarking and measuring staff or agent performance to drive revenue, profitability and future growth
  • Gaining better insights into your agency or multi-office network performance with custom reporting and analysis
  • Managing multiple office locations with a single integrated software solution
  • Data security – you own and control your data; don’t trust your intellectual property to commercial media organisations
  • Extending the reach of real estate manager to support sales people and property managers in the field using Roaming Agent and RapidInspect

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Sales & CRM Management

Generate more enquiries, listings, sales and commissions.

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Property Management

Manage your rent roll, landlords and tenants more effectively

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Website/s & Portals

Attract, engage and connect with customers on any device

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Agency Consulting

Insights to grow and manage your Agency more profitably

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