Windows VS Mac
By George Sih

  2/08/2018 3:01pm

A technology article that appeared on 23rd July in SMH suggests Microsoft is gradually but surely winning the technology battle over Apple.


In April 2013, Microsoft held a whopping 86.42% of the global Operating Systems market share (compared to Apple’s 10.85% share).

In 2018, even though Microsoft’s grip dropped slightly to 75.43%, there is no denying the Microsoft platform is definitely here to stay.

So make sure your business’s core technological platform is Microsoft compatible, because the rest of the world will be.


All our products are Microsoft based and we believe the power of Windows operating system enables us to deliver a superior Property Management and Sales Office Administration solution.

We recognise the value and importance that ‘mobility’ brings to your business – that’s why MultiArray is committed to further developing RoamingAgent as our flagship mobile solution for both sales staff and property managers.