KPIs Every Property Manager Should Track
By Jennie Claringbold

  12/02/2020 2:20pm


Key Performance Indicators, or as they are more commonly known KPIs, are business metrics used to measure, monitor, and manage your property management team and company as a whole. They are critical indicators that give property managers better insight into their performance and forecast future growth.

To cater to different management styles and requirements, we offer our clients customisable KPI reports that are fully integrated with our Property Management module. Periodic Targets can be set for each property manager and bonuses can automatically be integrated into our powerful commission and wages module. Key KPIs to track include:

  1. Properties Under Management
  2. Properties Gained & Lost
  3. Vacancies
  4. Lease Renewals
  5. Arrears
  6. Overdue Invoices & Work Orders and more.

Contact our support team and discuss your Property Management KPI Targets and Performance requirements today.